The ACA18 Tokyo will be accompanied with ARCASIA Student Jamboree 2018.


GLOBAL ISSUES and our Futures

We will have the Biggest Workshop we had ever for ARCASIA Student Jamboree 2018 in Tokyo to think about our futures through tackling global isses/problems with more than 210 students from 21 asian countries.

We will expand the theme, "LOCAL ISSUES and the Solutions" which competition was held in each countries, at workshop in Tokyo to have an idea about future possibilities of architecture beyond solutions in the global context. We will discuss what the global issues/problems could be, and through tackling the issues, we may be able to produce the key idea for the future beyond the solution.


Students will be divided into groups which consists of approximately 10 students from different countries, and the group will be lead by young Japanese architects. The workshop includes discussions, brainstormings, field surveys, lectures, attending symposiums of ARCASIA, workings with the group, presentations and critiques. We also have party at DAY 1 and the end of the workshop.

Date:Sep 10 to 14, 2018
check-in Sep 9, check-out Sep 15 (6 nights)
Accommodations:National Olympic Memorial Youth Center
3-1. Yoyogi Kamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0052
Main Venue:IAUD, Meiji University, Nakano Campus 4-21-1, Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-8525
Number of the students:Up to 10 per each institute (including 2 official delegates)
Registration:Each institute will send the participants list to the JIA by June 30. Students who would like to participate in the Student Jamboree should contact his/her respective institute.
Registration fee:USD300 (including accommodations, meals etc.)
Official delegates (2 per an institute) will have complimentary registration.
ACA18 Jamboree Program at glance