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Jul 29

Important notice regards to online Registration.

Please read before you register online.

Caution! / NOTE 1

1) The following categories are ONLY for participants who are appointed by their respective institute or ARCASIA Council.

  • Office Bearers
  • Official Delegates
  • Committee Chair
  • Committee Members

2) Please note that “Accompany persons” should be the accompany persons of the above categories.

All other participants are suggested to select from the below categories.

Participating / Sep 10-14:
Observers (USD450) or Young Architects (USD350)

Participating / Sep 13 and 14:
Congress Delegates (USD350) or Young Architects (USD300)

Caution! / NOTE 2

Hotel (Hotel New Otani) Reservation

ACA18 special rate will only be applied to guests who reserve via our online registration process.
When check-in, please inform your name at the reception desk. Payment is required at check-out. Therefore, the hotel fee will not be charged via the online registration process.