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Headquarter HotelHotel New Otani Tokyo

Hotel New Otani Tokyo
4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8578, Japan Google Map
  • Three Different Breakfast Restaurants (including Japanese Style breakfast)
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool, Fitness Gym
  • 37 different restaurants in the hotel
ACA18 Special
  • Helpdesk at Front Desk
  • ACA18 Official Shuttle Bus available
  • ACA18 Tokyo special rate (TBA)
Further information including ACA18 special discounted rates and reservation details will be announced via this website.

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Hotel Location Distance to Meiji Universtiy Route
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HOTEL SATOH TOKYO map 1.1km / 13min on foot[or] 11min (subway+walk) pin
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the b tokyo suidobashi map 1.4km / 16min on foot[or] 12min (subway+walk) pin
Hotel Wing International Kourakuen map 1.5km / 14min (subway+walk) pin
Diamond Hotel map 13min (subway+walk) pin
Hotel Monterey Hanzomon map 14min (subway+walk) pin
AKASAKA EXCEL HOTEL TOKYU map 16min (subway+walk) pin
Mitsui Garden Hotel (Yotsuya) map 16min (subway+walk) pin
TOKYU STAY (Yotsuya) map 17min (subway+walk) pin
Hotel Grand Hill (Ichigaya) map 17min (subway+walk) pin
Tokyo Green Palace map 17min (subway+walk) pin
APA Hotel (Hanzomon Hirakawacho) map 17min (subway+walk) pin
the b (Akasaka Mitsuke) map 18min (subway+walk) pin
GRANDBELL HOTEL AKASAKA map 19min (subway+walk) pin
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Hotel Mystays Premier Akasaka map 23min (subway+walk) pin
Hotel Monterey Akasaka map 23min (subway+walk) pin

For all other hotels, please visit JTB website for reservation.