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JIAThe Japan Institute of Architects

The Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) is Japan’s only professional organization of architects. Its principal role is to define and promote the social and legal status of professional architects in Japan.

Following seventy years of efforts on the part of our predecessors to establish the profession of architecture in Japan, the current JIA was founded in May 1987, by unifying two former individual associations that shared the same professional ideology:

1) The Japan Architects Association (JAA) and
2) The Japan Federation of Professional Architects Association (JFPAA).

As an association of free and independent architects, the JIA is striving to create a greater understanding of the field of architecture within Japanese society, and to establish a firm social foundation and recognition for its members and their foreign counterparts worldwide.

The Japan Institute of Architects (JIA)
JIA Kan, 2-3-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3408-7125
URL: http://www.jia.or.jp/english/